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Teds Woodworking PlansTed’s Woodworking is a very large set of woodworking plans that will cover just about any project that you can think of from small wooden toys all the way up to complete log cabins and houses! There are plans for bird houses, boxes, backyard sheds, garden sheds, houses, shelves, desks, you name it.

There is more to Ted’s than just woodworking plans though. The package also has shop safety tips, tool selection guiders, guides on how to make specific cuts, how to join pieces together, adhesives used while working with wood, preparing the wood for applying stains, polyurethanes and paint and more.

Each plan includes detailed descriptions and illustrations and photos where appropriate so that every project can be visualized from start to finish before you even begin working on it!

Here is a partial list of what is included when you become a member (and it is a reasonable onetime fee, not a monthly membership).

What’s Included in the Ted’s Package

Big Book of Woodworking Project Plans

Two Massive Lists of Projects and Plans

List of Starter Project with Plans

Outdoor Furniture Plans

Household Furniture Plans

Crafts Plans

A Guide to Basic Woodworking

A Guide to Woodworking Tools

Beginners Toolbox Guide

Log Cabin Plans

Woodworking Components and Tools Guide

Basic Joinery Guide

How to Start a Woodworking Business Guide

Large Collection of Videos for Members

Ted’s Woodworking Overview

First it should be noted that this is a downloadable package by default.That means that you will get access to the plans immediately after you purchase them no matter what time of day or night it is.

There is an optional upgrade to have a DVD set mailed to you but it isn’t required upgrade unless you have a very slow Internet connection.

It took me about 60 minutes to download everything that is included but I was doing other things while the downloads ran.

It would have been nice if the plans were all in one big downloadable zip file but some of them are individually downloaded. Even with that said, it was not a bad experience at all. I just made a folder on my computer and then started downloading the plans and guides.

You also will need to have the Adobe PDF reader or some other PDF document reader in order to read the downloaded plans. That shouldn’t be a problem for most users but if you don’t have a PDF reader then go to adobe.com and download their free PDF reader.

Also, some of the plans are available as CAD drawings if you desire. This will require a program that can read CAD DWG files. Ted’s includes one that you can download and use or you can go to Google.com and search for free DWG viewers. There are plenty that will work just fine on Windows or Apple based computers.

The list of woodworking plans included is very impressive:

Arbor Projects Adirondack Chairs Artwork Display

Bathroom Unit Box Designs Billiard/Pool Table

Barn Plans Bed Plans Bedside Cabinets

Bee Hive Plans Bench Projects Bird Feeders

Birdhouse Plans Boat Plans Book Case Plans

Baby Changing Table Coat Rack Cabin Plans

Cabinet Plans Carport Plans Cart Plans

Cat House Plans CD/DVD Holder Cellar Projects

Chair Plans Chest Designs Chicken Houses

Childrens Room Plans Clock Plans Coasters

Coffee Table Designs Cold Frame Plans Compost Bin

Computer Desk Containers Cradle Projects

Small Crafts Cutting Board Deck Plans

Desk Designs Dog House Door Designs

Dressers Drill Press Entertainment Projects

Furniture Plans Farm Shop Plans Fences

File Cabinet Fireplaces & Mantel Frames

Kids Furniture Garage Plans Gazebos

Greenhouse Guitars Gun Cabinets

Gun Hidden Storage Hammocks Home Office Projects

Horse Barns Humidor Plans Hutch Plans

Jig Plans Kitchen Projects Knife Block

Lamps Landscaping Lathe Plans

Mailbox Mantels Media Center Designs

Mirrors Music Boxes Ottoman Plans

Outdoor Plans Pergolas Planters

Playhouses Rabbit Houses Wooden Racks

Router Plans Screens Scroll Saw

Outdoor Sheds Shelves Signs & Displays

Squirrel Den Box Stools Storage Plans

Swing Plans Table Plans Tool Boxes

Wooden Toys Trays Trellis Plans

Utility Buildings Wagon Designs Weather Station

Wind Generator Windmills Wishing Well

& Many More!

Let’s take a brief look at some of the other items included in the download area.

The 1680 Page Big Book of Woodworking Plans

This is a downloadable PDF document that is organized by project with thorough descriptions, illustrations and photos to help you from start to finish.

Each project includes a needed materials and hardware list so that you can have everything needed on hand before you get started.

Mixed in with the projects you will find shop safety tips as well as tips for specific tools. This adds a great deal of value for beginners as they may not be familiar with some of the woodworking tools/methods used in a specific project.

Outdoor Furniture Plans

This guide introduces you to many craftsmen that make their living producing finely crafted outdoor furniture. Tips and tricks learned from these guys are priceless.

It then goes on to introduce a wide selection of outdoor wood furniture along with the detailed plans to allow you to build each project. You will find plans for Adirondack chairs, garden benches, porch swings, picnic tables, planters and many other pieces.

The author continues with a section on wood selection for your project. He shows many factors that go into your selection including resistance to rot, strength of the wood, cost and how easy the wood is to work with.

He continues with a section on properly measuring board feet so you can purchase the correct amount of lumber for each project.

Next, he covers adhesives used to join the pieces together as well as selecting the proper type of hardware that will survive the weather extremes that outdoor furniture is exposed to and an overview covering selection of the proper finish for outdoor furniture.

Finally, you get to the projects themselves. They include precise information along with project illustrations, materials lists and cut lists. This insures that you can prepare the pieces that you need and then assemble the completed project successfully.

The guide concludes with a glossary of woodworking terms and an illustration showing the various basic woodworking cuts that are referenced in the projects.

This is a very helpful guide for beginners to learn from as they build the projects. More experienced woodworkers will just print off the plan that they need and get to work!

Household Furniture Plans

There are 26 projects in the household furniture download file. Included plans are for bedroom organizers, storage bins, coffee tables, pie safes and quite a few more.

Each plan is in its own PDF so you can easily view or print the plans to take to your work area for review while you are working on the project.

The Starter Projects

There are a total of 35 projects included in the woodworking starter download. It includes plans for making gun racks, book cases, dressers, birdhouses, toy boxes and many other projects that will help the beginning woodworker get started. You will learn a lot of the basic cuts, joints and techniques that will help you when you tackle larger or more complex projects.

While intended as a beginners project set, there are a lot of useful items that you can build for fun or profit.

A Guide to Basic Woodworking

This is a 79-page guide that while written in very poor English will still give you a good introduction to the base concepts needed for woodworking.

The guide starts by defining various types of wood – hardwoods, softwoods, particle board, plywood, MDF and veneers.

It then goes into the different types of joints that you will need to make to complete your projects.

These include butt joints, mitre joints, rebate joints, housing joints, halving joints, dowel joints, biscuit joints, dovetail joints, mortise and tenon joints, bridle joints and tongue and groove joints.

The author has included illustrations to show you exactly how to create each joint. That will help eliminate confusion for beginners.

He then gives a brief overview of the different finishes that you may apply to your projects such as stains, oils, wax, acrylics and polyurethanes.

Next he covers the various adhesives that you may need to use as you work on a project.

He closes the guide with more information on seasoning wood that you will be using and provides an overview of the layers of the tress that provide the wood and some tips on sanding and sandpaper grit selection.

All in all, this is a good beginners guide to woodworking but the more experienced folks may find it a little too basic.

A Guide to Woodworking Tools

This is a short guide covering the basic tools that you will need to get started with woodworking.

Covered are the most commonly used chisels, hammers, hand planes, hand saws, clamps, measuring tools, bench grinders, electric sanders, levels, screwdrivers, shop vacs, utility knives, squares, power drills, jig saws and table saws.

Also covered are commonly used safety items like gloves, goggles, and ear plugs.

Beginners Toolbox Guide

This guide complements the Guide to Woodworking Tools by going a little deeper into your toolbox. In addition to the previously mentioned tools you may need a circular saw, drill and bits, block and bench planes, combination square, back saw, sharpening stone and guide, doweling jig, marking gauge, orbital sander, combination rasp/file and a straight edge.

Videos for Members

Teds Woodworking Members VideoSince some people prefer video to reading, Ted’s includes over 150 videos organized by project type to help you see projects from start to finish.

I’m old school so I like to print the plans on paper before I start on a project. But sometimes it does help to watch a video so that I can be sure I am doing something correctly. Having the videos as an option is a very helpful idea.

Woodworking Tips

Also included in the download is a zip file containing woodworking tips…90 tips in all.

These useful tips cover topics like squaring a project, proper staining techniques, using routers, using templates, glue techniques, proper measuring and marking techniques and a whole lot more.

Again, these will be very helpful for beginner to intermediate woodworkers but even more experienced craftsman may find useful tips and techniques.


Ted’s Woodworking is a comprehensive set of woodworking projects and plans that are suitable for craftsman of all levels.

Any project that you can think of is most likely covered in this set. It may not be the exact dimensions that you need but the plans can be easily modified to fit your requirements.

The included guides will help beginners get started and rapidly increase their skill and confidence levels as they take on projects.

Ted offers a 60 day money back guarantee so if for some reason you aren’t satisfied you can ask for a refund and get your money back.

If you’re looking for projects and plans to keep you busy over a long cold winter weekend then I’m sure that you can find exactly what you need with these plans for your woodworking projects.

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