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A savvy wife has brought a whole new meaning to her husband ‘being in the doghouse’ – by building a pub named the Doghouse Inn in her back garden in an attempt to stop him heading to their local boozer.

Jayne Tapper, 48, created the ultimate solution to keeping her husband at home and managed to get her husband Paul, firmly on a leash – as he now spends his evenings in the back garden – instead of down the pub.

Building her own inn in the back garden, the crafty mum-of-five made the aptly named Doghouse Inn over a span of five months – now hosting infamous boozy parties and managing to keep her husband from ever wanting to leave the house.

Jayne, a nurse, said: "My husband Paul, 53, an engineer had always loved popping down to our local, and I could never seem to keep him at home.

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15 Responses

  1. ***Wife nags husband incessantly until he builds a backyard pub and blows 25k because she refuses to let him have a good time elsewhere***

    Small typo, fixed for you

  2. People have been doing this with their basements for decades. This is just nonsense. My sister/brother-in-law have a much nicer bar in their basement and I’ll bet it didn’t cost this much

  3. lol, ya right. she did it to make money as she admits to wanting too. and hope she has licensing and bet her neighburs love the idea of pub in residential areas. wouldt want you in my neighbourhood
    truth is you started a home pub business, nothing to do with keeping hubby at home

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