Pink Power Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver Set Review

Pink Power Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver Set Review

Pink Power Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver Set ReviewWhile it may feel as if we’re living in a man’s world, pink power tools are saying otherwise. That’ right, if you’re a woman and you love doing DIY projects around the house, a pink screwdriver is almost a must. Not too long ago, we came across a pink power rechargeable cordless screwdriver set and it looked pretty cool. Since we believe our female readers will enjoy this screwdriver, we decided to review it …

Pink Power has decided to offer a cordless screwdriver aimed specifically at women and we personally believe this is a good idea. Seriously, why not? This nice pivoting screwdriver comes with a total of 6 attached bits.  You have 2 flatheads, 2 phillips and 2 hex bit that you can use.

This is an all-in-one cordless screwdriver for those women that love the color pink and would like to get the job done. The PP481-LK is a pivoting screwdriver that offers a total of six different bit attachments that are built-in. There’s a patented head, which makes changing bits easy.

Changing Bits is Easy

While some of the other cordless screwdrivers make it seem hard to change bits, this one is easy. In no time at all, you can have a new bit attached to your tool.  It has a patented head that makes changing bits a breeze. There’s no need to worry about the bits falling off, because once they’re attached, they’re there to stay until you are ready to change to a new bit.


There’s a 4.8V Lithium ion battery that comes with this cordless screwdriver – it’s capable of handling 150fpms. You can use the onboard battery gauge in order to check the power levels, which we believe comes in handy. It’s better than some that won’t tell you the battery life until it’s out of juice.

LED Light and Pivoting Handle

The LED light on the screwdriver comes in handy, making it so that you can see even in the darkest places. As for the 360 degree pivoting handle, it makes it easy to work in tight spaces.


This cordless screwdriver set will make a great addition to any pink tool box. There’s no need for any other screwdriver set when you have the PP481-LK in your box. This set includes attached bits, which is a major bonus.

Warranty – Pink Power offers a 1-year warranty on this tool. This includes the charger and bubble level.

Uses – The magnetic bubble level and screwdriver are great for picture hanging, cabinets and other tasks you may need to take care of around the house.

Patented Pivoting head – This screwdriver comes with a patented pivoting head that is capable of holding 6-connected screw driver bits. 2 Flathead, 2 Phillips and 2 Hex bits.

Positions – This cordless power tool includes locked, forward and reverse positions.


So there you have it – our review on the Pink Power rechargeable cordless screwdriver set. If you’re a lady that loves everything pink, then we believe this power tool would be suitable for you, especially if you have some projects that you need to take care of around the house.