12’x24′ DIY Shed Build (Part 7 – Metal Roofing Install)

Welcome to part 7 of our shed build showing the metal roofing installation. In this video we show the installation of our 29 gauge galvalume metal roofing. This consisted of 9 16’ long panels each covering a 3’ width of the roof. It was about as simple as screwing it down per the manufacturer’s recommendations. […]

12’x24′ DIY Shed Build (Part 6 – House Wrap and Window Install)

Welcome to part 6 of our shed build showing the house wrap and window installation. In this video we show our house wrap installation, which prevents air and water from getting into the shed, but still lets water vapor escape to prevent rot and mold inside the walls. We also show how to properly flash […]

12’x24′ DIY Shed Build (Part 4 – Roof)

Welcome to part 4 of our shed build showing the roof framing, sheathing, and papering. The metal roof installation will be shown in a future video. In this video we show the rafter, blocking, and fascia installation, along with the plywood sheathing and synthetic underlayment for the metal roofing. This will be a 12'x24' wooden […]

A d.i.y. TINY HOUSE BUILD: IN MOTION [SHED tiny house – 8 min.]

It has been a nostalgic couple of weeks digging through the incredible amount of video documentation we recorded while building our tiny house on wheels and compiling it into this film. This video is composed of hundreds of video clips, many of which are actually thousands of individual photographs compressed into a time-lapse presentation of […]

12’x24′ DIY Shed Build (Part 3 – Walls)

Welcome to part 3 of our shed build showing the wall framing. We decided not to sheath the walls before standing them, as we had originally intended. We had a few reasons for making this choice: – make them lighter and easier to lift – prevent high winds from pushing too hard before everything is […]

Building a Solar Powered Workshop

Free Shed Plans

A full post with cost info and product specifications: follow me on instagram for project updates: Thanks to Jason Andrade of West Coast Sustainables and to Mike Montgomery of Modern Builds This project was sponsored by The Home Depot