BUILD A SHED. The Floor 12×24

I am building a garden shed. I will show you the process as I go along on how I build it. If you like my vids please consider supporting me through subscribing and or clicking the links below (we all know what kind of sneaky links they are.) Don't kid yourself. Merch: Amazon: DoMyOwn: […]

How to build a shed. (Cut and assemble Roof Rafters)

Paul Ricalde gives step by step easy instructions on Truss Roof Rafters for your shed. These instructions are part of a complete tutorial on how to build a shed yourself. This is 1 part of a new Paulstoolbox series. Worx Pegasus Saw Horse/Table Worx ExactTrack Saw Swanson Blue Book Swanson 7" Speed […]

Shed from FREE pallets: Timber Framing part 1

Built 100% from FREE scavenged pallets and scrap wood. You'll need a reciprocating saw to dismantle pallets: 8'x8' Entire build playlist Part 2 Dismantle Pallets Video:

Before You Spend Money on A Shed…Watch This Video

#shed #DIY #carpentry #garden #storage In this video, I build the Heartland Stratford 12 foot by 8 foot shed, purchased from Lowes on sale. This video covers some of the process and challenges I encountered when building a modified floor design with a prefab kit. The other challenges included dealing with poor quality structural lumber […]

How To Build A Shed – Part 1 Building The Floor

Shannon from shows you how to build a shed from start to finish. This episode shows you how to construct the base. See our other videos on wood framing for specific technique instruction. Here is a link to the framing nailer used :