BUILDING A MAN CAVE – Shed – Workshop – SIP Panels Part 1

Structural Insulated Panel. Building a MAN-CAVE with used SIP panels. Garden office room. Budget DIY mancave build. Using second-hand SIP panels. Rubber roof. Building a Mancave in my back garden today I'm going to build a SIP panel garage, man cave, whatever you want to call it. So I just thought I'd do a little […]

BUILDING A MAN CAVE – Part 2 – Garden Office – Shed –

MANCAVE BUILD – DIY Man Cave, Mancave, Garden Office, Shed build on a budget with used SIP Panels. Structural Insulated Panels.We've got day two today of the man cave, and I'm just going to do some felt on the sides of this. Hopefully I'm going to get the rubber roof as well. I'm not an […]