A fantastic little kit, and a close up look at how it all comes together and looks on a layout!
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8 Responses

  1. Iv been modelling all my life from N Gauge on a spare shelf to 16MM scale live steam in the garden and it’s always interesting to watch new modellers try their hand at these things.

    Have you seen the channel Budget Model Railways? They focus a lot on model Railways in extremely small spaces while on a budget something I think a chap on a narrow boat would appreciate.

  2. Those Metcalfe kits look very good on your layout. It’s coming right along. It’s nice to see that N-gauge now has a wider variety of rolling stock to model British railways.

  3. I know these kits are made of Card Stock. What Glue do you use. I have made plastic / styrene kits and know that the plastics glue would not work on card stock . These Metcalf kits are well detailed and look good on your layout.

  4. Hi Dan Very well done. I’ve just built a canal bridge and made it move by a press of a button. With you living on a canal boat it might make you smile and it’s in N Gauge. Colin

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