The new shop-fur shed is complete and we are moving in and getting set up for the upcoming trapping season. Follow us along in this video during the building process.

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    1. I did not build it for a few reasons, the main one being I did not think my welding skills would be good enough, but I plan on doing a video about the process, how it works and how I had it built.

  1. That is AWESOME!! I’m SO happy for you. Love your videos and can’t wait for trapping season to open. Glad to see you put PLENTY electrical outlets in the new shed. Love the color scheme you chose too. Looks like you’ve had a busy summer to say the least. Good job.

    1. Sam Thompson thank you very much for the nice comment, much appreciated. Since I did the electrical myself I figured can’t have to many so I have 23 outlets lol. Even put some in the ceiling for skinning machine, extra lighting and anything else. I am also excited for the season, only 7 more weeks ! Good summer ?

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