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10 Replies to “Shed Build part 1”

  1. Awesome start Drew! I’m nearing the end of a very long saga building a large shed for my mom. I have videos on my homestead channel if you’re interested — Green Acre Homestead. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. We made some progress on it this past weekend but it know the feeling on it taking longer. The end is near and I will check out your stuff soon.

  2. Hello Drew. Is your shed going to be your shop or storage so you can use your garage as your shop? I work out of a 158 sq ft shed as my shop. As a side note you should put that Festool in your tags for your video, will help searchability

    1. Thanks for the tip on the tags. The shed is for the boss/ wife for all of her garden tools and supplies. The Garage will be for the wood working and vehicle shop.

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