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We are an American-Polish couple with big plans to build our first tiny house in Mazury, Poland! In this video, we put together our new toilet/work shed and set up our camping shower. We head to Castorama to pick up more building materials and swing by the sawmill. Kuba ordered all the timber we'd need to build the frame of our tiny house so now we wait for the delivery. Exciting!

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22 Responses

  1. That shed has a lot more room than it first appears! We have that shower tent also. I had to watch several you tube videos before I could figure out how to put it back in the bag it came in. Great video

  2. Kuba is super handy, that’s a good quality in a spouse. And Ajka (sp?) seems so good natured and a “go with the flow” kind of dog. Love watching him.

  3. Another great video. Love how Ajka went in the shopping cart and sat down so well-behaved and loved the shopping lol. The new shed looks great. Kuba is great at DIY. Fascinating and lovely to watch <3

  4. You guys are an awesome team. Find myself smiling throughout your videos. (And the music score is boss!) Love the way you three treat each other — with kindness, consideration and genuine caring. Work you love, with the beings you love, eat good food, designed excellent ways to keep clean and you are sleeping under the stars. Word: “heaven” ❤️

  5. Can you insulate your lovely s**t shack/ tool shed for winter?
    Put in a kerosene heater or wood stove? Throw in a dog bed and sleeping bag. And I can move in, if you’re not particular about privacy.

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