Do you need to run power to an outdoor garden shed? In this video I share one method of running power to an outdoor garden/storage shed for a convenience outlet. IMPORTANT TO NOTE, All electrical work requires that you pull a permit with your local electrical authority. Most jurisdictions allow a homeowner to work on his/her own home’s electrical system. Some areas only allow work on branch circuits and not main service panel installation. Some areas will not allow homeowner permits at all. This varies from place to place, so you must check the rules in your area.


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    1. Yes, and I should have included that in the video. I will add that in the description. Sometimes I just dive into filming a project and neglect to preface the project with legal obligations and responsibilities. You’re local building and permitting authority will tell you when a permit is required, but it’s anytime you are adding to an existing previously approved electrical installation. Replacement in kind of devices, a permit is not required.

    2. Permits are required IF you sell the home or property and its being purchased by a Bank … They will have an inspector check everything to make sure ALL is permitted … If there is NO permit, it needs to be permitted or removed before the bank will buy …
      When i purchased my home in 2007, the inspector came by and saw a lot of electrical wiring done that was NOT permitted but he did say the homeowner DID wire everything properly and was up to code.

    1. You’re correct Mike. I explain all those details in other videos but should be mentioned with every project if applicable. Good input.

  1. Terry: Help. I ran a light switch to my closet, run it from existing bedroom light switch. I have power to the closet switch. i then ran a a light fixture from the closet switch. i have power at the light fixture, but the bulb will not come on when i use the switch. I tested the bulb and even changed the closet switch, but i still can not get it to work. Thanks

    1. The receptacle is grounded, and the bonding strap in the plastic box is grounded via the earthing / grounding conductor. Non-conductive materials aren’t an issue.

  2. Terry you achieved your goal on helping us. I’m on a slab where my main breaker panel is in middle of room. I need to run power to my brand new shed. I have an existing GFI outlet outside and you showed me it’s possible to do. Question. The outlet is about 30 feet away, what type of piping should I use and I was going to run it under and up the sill plate of the shed. Also if.I bury piping how deep do I need, what’s your thoughts Thank You

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