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In Part 2 of this model build diary video I complete the model railway loco shed, by Railway Laser Lines. PLUS a DISCOUNT COUPON to buy your own from Railway Laser Lines.
This shed, suitable for OO gauge model railway layouts is 600m long and can hold 4 OO gauge locos. This locomotive shed will be placed in Dean Park model railway depot. Join me as I take you through this build and give you the chance to get 10% off this kit at Railway Laser Lines.

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  1. You need a big white clock above the man door inside. lol. That’s all that was missing – the depots love their big white clocks. 😀 Great kit and damn nice job done!

  2. Another brilliant video, that kit and she’d looks awesome.

    Would love to see one or two of the panes on the side windows, where the original pane was broken and they replaced it with normal glass, a different kind of weathering, but difficult with this type of kit build.

    Can’t wait to see it all incorporated into the depot area. Keep up the good work

  3. Great video Dave the shed looks excellent bit of kit maybe talk to my other half for xmas I’ve just ordered the new nuclear flasks that kr models are doing but downfall there not out till 2021 cheers Paul

    1. Brentlea Junction Paul Knowles 2021… plenty of time to buy yourself a kit! Lol. With 10% off using my code as well. It does take a bit of painting. But it’s really worth it Cheers

    2. @DaveClass47 yes it’s a great kit am wanting to build my own but it wont be anything like this but with mine it will have a glass roof and really glass for the windows plus I get the glass for free due to my work lol well I’ll see how it goes am sure my boss with help me bit be for 2021 am sure ill get it cheers Paul

  4. A great build series Dave. I have a similar build style/laser etched and cut engine shed still to build and this series is full of good hints and tips. Must get my finger out and get on with it! Cheers, Davie

  5. You certainly did the shed build proud thats for sure. Its been great watching it come together and our late conversations over it have been enjoyable…….on to the next collaboration, Colchester 85…coming soon!
    Modelling at its best….driven by detail hits the nail on the head.
    Steve @ Railway Laser Lines

    1. Steve Smith my desk is emptying….get me another project lol! I’m like a shipyard…. I always like to have another to start once one has been launched!!
      I’ve enjoyed this build. It looks great. A lot of work in it, but what’s more satisfying than taking your time and getting the outcome you want?!

  6. Awesome kit, and very informative tutorial of how best to build this kit. Some very handy tips as well. Telling people to slow down is probably the best bit of advice you can give them. Too many builds I see are very rushed and the final result shows.
    Good stuff Dave.

  7. That came out really nicely!
    It’s great to see something new and different from prebuilt and painted resin buildings, or several Peco/Hornby sheds pushed together to make a bigger depot.

    As you have the bachmann building, you can use that for basic A and B exam servicing (Oil, fuel, coolant, etc) and this new building for the more substancial work.
    One thing to bear in mind… neither would be able to lift out loco engines, but with some mobile jacks you can lift locos to do bogie replacements or traction motor changes.

    Something else that could be done is to have a stores coach at the end of a siding, and an open wagon for throwing in used brake blocks.
    Things like traction motors, or DMU engines would be found on pallets and come from the ‘Railstores’ centre at Doncaster works.
    Obviously you’d need a forklift to lift heavy objects like this.

    I do have one curiousity about something you did in this build.

    Depot buildings are smokey, grimey and oily places… so I’ve always found it impossibly to tell the difference between ‘frosted’ windows… and ‘so filthy, they might as well be frosted’!! LOL

    Now you have the outside done… you’ll need the interior details!!

    I look forward to seeing how your depot develops from here on in!

  8. Great to watch the care and attention you put into this kit. It also came across that you were thoroughly enjoying building it. Excellent work. Cheers, Bob

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