The model railway two lane diesel depot shed arrives at Dean Park. In this video I start the build of this stunning kit. This laser cut kit is available to order from

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  1. That is a nice looking shed. Might swap my current project for one of those. 🙂 Thanks again for your time and effort making these videos. Regards Derek
    Btw Dave what are the footprint dimensions of that kit?

  2. Hey! That’s my shed kit…….Been looking forward to seeing your build progress on this. I know we’ve had a number of messengers during the build but you certainly know how to make a kit and have all the right tools to make this build that little more easier. The number one rule when building this is to take your time….don’t rush it and now I’m eagerly awaiting part 2…you tease…lol.
    Stunning work buddy.
    Steve @ Railway Laser Lines

  3. Great video Dave – although it’s odd watching someone else doing something I’ve been doing all day! It’s a wonderful kit that’s going to look the business on your layout, and hopefully mine too!!! Also like to add how good Steve’s customer service has been!

    1. Hi, thanks. Steve’s been great with me, I have pointed out a few things with the kit that could be developed, added etc and you’ll see in part two some of those ideas. You liking your kit?

  4. Another great video, bet richard from everard junction is cursing after spending months building his good looking shed, and yourself building one in a lot less time lol.

    Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see it when its finished

  5. That’s s nice shed. You always make a lot of good points along the way. Always informative and interesting. This is your first “ new” video since your summer break, right? This reason I ask is, I don’t recall you finishing the office build. I will have to delve into your archives and locate it. Okay as you say, cheers right now.

    1. Hi, I did a depot upate about two weeks ago where I show off the finished office (exterior). Interior of the office is being fitted out now and will be completely finished during September. Cheers. Dave

  6. What a nice piece of kit. Already looks the part! Appears straight forward with you showing us on the video. Well done. Brilliant as always Dave 🙂 Iain

  7. Love these laser cut kits (and the bonfire smell when you open the box!). Great tutorial Dave – the dry fitting advice is especially welcome. Looking forward to part 2.

  8. Nice job assembling, so important to take your time and get the job right, excellent painting tutorial some great tips with painting brick work. Looking forward to part 2 Andy

  9. Hi dave
    Fantastic card kit and very simple to put together.
    I heard you say at the end about fixing the outer walls to the kit by using pva glue.
    With my card kits I use hobby crafts extra tacky glue it’s a stronger version of pva might be something you can look into.
    Peter from birmingham

    1. southway1943 I am going to use this form of pva to fix the roof as due to its length and thin construction using normal pva will take too long to ‘bite’.

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