Primitive Life-Build Fireplace in the Shed!

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    1. I have thought about planting some but I have heard it grows fast and the decorative bamboos I have seen all got out of hand I don’t know if it would be invasive…

    2. @mike h darn I know an acre of it produces 10× the oxygen as an acre of hard wood trees. But I can’t risk anything invasive.. to bad it is beautiful and as far as I know doesn’t cause allergies like red cedar does I hate red cedar and that’s invasive

    3. It’s definately invasive. It perpetuates from wandering root systems and once a sprout or “shoot” emerges, you will have a 15′ tall adult tree within 4-5 weeks.

  1. I love the peacefulness of nature while you work on your different projects.

    I can’t wait for this tranquility myself one day.

    Great videos my friend.

  2. You are a very brave and smart man to make a functional fireplace out of nothing but the environment in your *wood hut* and not have it burn it down! Props to you.

  3. What you do requires a great deal of knowledge, skill, and confidence. The wide variety of work you do is fascinating and I enjoy watching you create new things.

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