Husband & Wife Build Post & Beam Firewood Shed they Ordered off the INTERNET

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I was born and raised 20 minutes from Boston, MA. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Anxiety. My personal experience with the prescribed medication was NOT POSITIVE. So I decided to find better way. I didn't know it at the time but, that was the BEGINNING for me! I have been “FINDING A BETTER WAY” in all areas in my life ever since. Better ways of how to create a modern homestead affordably, and a better way to provide my family with healthy foods, and so….. much MORE!

At Lumnah Acres we hope our experiences can help guide you to find YOUR BETTER WAY! Please join us in sharing our journey with you, let us be a guide to Modern Homesteading, Self-Sufficiency, and FREEDOM for you!

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22 Responses

  1. I also use a dirt floor in the wood shed and just put down poles from the woods to stack the wood on and that keeps the wood a few inches off the ground. After a few years I just pull the poles out and rake out the bark and start over.

  2. Love your vids of your Homestead build , i used to be in the building game , but now i am retired , but i like the time you take to give every one a blow by blow account of your build , . when i was young if my mother could not find me , she said that i would always be with the pigs , i live in England and we were travellers in horse drawn wagons ., our lights were oil and cooked on coke and wood , i get so engrossed in your vids ., i just feel like jumping through my screen and giving you a hand , but as i got older the aches and pains set in , so i can only look now to the extent , if you made a video of paint drying i would enjoy , please carry on with this lovely saga of a homestead , God Bless to you all , even your animals . Mark of London England xxxx

    1. Want to reduce aches and pain ? Use Sodium bi carb 1/2 tsp with water 3-6 times a day . If you have low B.P you may use Vit C about 2-4 gm per day (500 mg x 4-8 tab). Excess Vit C will make your stool loose , you can reduce dosage as required.
      It worked for me and I’ve worse hell . I’ve severe CFS. Its manageable with above method. yes no sugar , palm oil no veg oils. veg/fruits as required

  3. That’s a nifty shed kit!! Ya’ll make a sweet team 🙂 Miss Gena is an inspiration to me, she works so hard at her regular job, then is so devoted to the family’s dream of independence that instead of lazing about on a day off she is right out there, shoulder to shoulder, helping the dream come true! Ms Gena, you are amazing! Mr Al, you ‘ain’t-no-slacker’ either!! Have a nice day!

  4. Shed project looks great! We have been waiting over a year for a double carport to be delivered/installed. We ordered from a company outside of New England. Finally giving up and turning to Lowes….maybe a trip to J. Cottage. A section was going to be used for firewood storage. Gina, I have made wonderful crab apple jelly with honey out of Rodale’s STOCKING UP book. The goats and pigs are really enjoying those apples!

  5. Gina girl, so nice to see a woman doing what some call Mans Work. We are so capable if given the chance. You prove yourself today. Now for the yard dog. Best of luck training to pick up apples. Hahaha

  6. I’m thinking in the future..
    A post and beam equipment shed for the tractor/implements, material wagon and????
    Then maybe a post and beam carport for Ginas car Als truck and not to forget Olivias SUV. (?)

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