Charles Evans, better known to his friends as “LaLa” still remembers the moment he first laid eyes on his wife Louise. “That must’ve been love at first sight,” he recalls with a smile.

He and Louise were married for just under 59 years, sharing a lifetime of memories together. When Louise passed away, LaLa was devastated. But he took that pain and turned it into something beautiful… a “museum” in the backyard of the home where they’d shared nearly 6 decades of love.

LaLa filled the museum to the brim with memories, covering the walls with thousands of photos that he and Louise had accumulated over the years of their life together. In the video below, LaLa proudly shows off his museum to a film crew, explaining where the idea for the beautiful tribute had come from: “We had talked about it before she passed that one day we want to build a museum to put these pictures in. We didn’t get a chance to do that but the idea never left my mind…”

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  1. Those were the days when men were attracted to personality and what was inside rather than looks. I thought what La La did commemorate his late wife was so awesome

  2. He is trapped in the past, even though he invites strangers. That is a sign of psychological/psychiatric disorder. He is not letting her spirit go free. Let it go, man, let it go!

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