In this video we go over how to Pour a easy Beginner concrete Shed Slab. We go take you from start to finish on this job of how we accomplished a 8 x 10 shed slab. We also go over some useful tips when working on a project like this! Hope this was helpful for your next concrete shed pour! Dont forget to LIKE,SHARE,SUBSCRIBE and comment if there are any questions! Thank you for the support!

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45 Responses

    1. Why no compaction before you pour ? It’s always better to pour at least a 6″ wall to build on just to keep the siding up off the dirt

    1. Yes it was easy alright. Nail together 4 2×4’s, mix concrete, pour it in haphazardly, float it, and make sure to do that all-important edging.

    1. @Nathan Kiddle
      Can’t see any of yours either…
      Just another homo with an iPhone.. that thinks he knows something or anything about framing…

    2. @Nathan Kiddle
      This thread starts with another guy saying he would’ve installed
      j bolts. I agreed..
      You might as well do a professional job, unless you’re incapable.
      And yes, I am an expert.

  1. King of concrete Mr.Odell there is no impossible for you because you destroy any thing call impossible you number one in world no similar like you sorry my English not good

  2. If you guys are trying to estimate how many bags you need you have to work out your volume. In this case 8ft x10ft x 3.5”(.3ft) = 24 cubic feet. Concrete weighs about 150pounds per cubic foot. 24 x 150 = 3600pounds. Devide by weight of your bag. 60 pound bags equal 60bags.

  3. your videos have helped me so much with laying a new driveway, a new walk path in my backyard, and we are now laying the slab for a Morton building. thank you for all these videos. my projects arnt anywhere near as perfect but im getting better with each one I do

    1. Sum Arbor does rebar not rust where your from? In Hawaii rebar rusts, expands and breaks the concrete apart. We see it ALL the time. I work in a resort with lots of stone walls and curbs. Huge chunks always fall off, right where the rebar is. Pure rust.

    2. It didn’t need neither rebar nor gravel. Just need compaction under the concrete depends on how loading on it, otherwise it may be cracked because of the consolidation that mean different sinking. But if the loads will be low, this application quite enough, doesn’t need anything.

    3. All depends on slab thickness and type of concrete, under 6 inches you don’t use rebar, you would use wire mesh or fibercrete. As far as gravel that also depends, what type of ground clay, topsoil, sand or whatever. To prevent corner or edge breaks you normally would also want a thickened edge and maybe some number 3 or 4 rebar tied to the mesh in that thickened edge. Yeah 28 years in commercial and residential construction many of those years running jobsites so yeah been there done that.

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