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20 Responses

    1. +bandq Hi there, he’s replied with the following:

      “It is more difficult when the ground is not level. You could work from the lowest point and dig to the correct level all over the area from that point but would mean building some sort of retainer where the ground is higher. Or you can work from the highest point but would mean building up with brick or block along the lowest edges to retain the hardcore.”
      I hope this helps!

  1. Paving stones
    10mm to dust aggregate
    Sharp sand and cement
    Builders square
    Stakes and plank
    Lump hammer
    Soft brush
    Stiff brush
    Spirit level
    Tape measure
    Wheel barrow

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for your comment. I’m afraid we can’t help with this here but, if you can pop into your local B&Q store, our handy colleagues should be able to advise you. Hope this helps!

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