Puting the weather watch rolled roofing material on was real easy and fast to install . The roofing screws were 1-1/2 inch and went thru the drip edge and into the stud below . The roof area is 14 ft x 10 ft . Using a couple of clamps to hold the rolled roofing down and square is a very important task to get it on without it moving . I will keep you updated as to how it it lasts in the future.

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  1. I love that material how easy! what is the name of it! (sticky roof) ! This is the way to go on a chicken coop! Great tip I wonder if 84 lumber carries it! I’m 2 hours from home depo!

    1. Annie if your not into shingles this is real easy to put on and much cheaper than shingles and underlayment and a sore back carrying up the shingles and hitting your thumb with the hammer driving in roofing nails. LOL

    1. LOL it’s all in the editing and fancy footwork . Most people can do it if you done it once. Done it too many times for me . Cheers Ronald

    1. Jay I have it on two building up at the camp and its been 5 years and it looks the same. I wouldn’t use it for a house but for a shed its great and easy to do fast. I can’t shingle worth a dam. LOL

  2. That new adhesive is really amazing Steve, and OSB is the way to go on a shed. I guess tar paper under it would not make sense. cheers an IPA for you job well done

  3. I used OSB on my roof when it first came out. They were boasting about how water resistant it was. Years later a leak developed and the OSB that got exposed crumbled. I had to replace the whole roof afterwards.

    1. I agree it was not very good . This seems to have a wax type seal on one side . I remember roofers refusing to shingle a roof from it as it was super slippery too. It’s much better today but I still think about years back and when it gets wet as well. Cheers

    1. Its not stick on roofing persay its a product I have been experimenting with as opposed to shingles. Check description box for product info. I dont plan on removing it in the future . It sticks on just like ice and water shield used on so many roofs .

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