Today is an easy DIY install of a steel door. This is part 13 of the shed build . Total time was under one hour including filming. Yes you can do it yourself and save yourself a lot of money at the same time. A steel door is a great alternative to a wooden door .

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33 Responses

  1. Good stuff!
    Thanks for a great technique and information. Curious about the threshold though…
    Thanks for spending the time to create and edit!
    Great Video indeed..

  2. Nice door job, I missed your wiring demonstration, I need to refresh on what wire goes where when you come into the switch and then back out to the outlet. IPA’s all around. The Trump economy is very strong down here in Idaho.

  3. Can you come down and visit for a few months? I need help fixing up my rental house that the renters trashed. Great video Steve. Keep them coming.

  4. That shed is gonna be nicer than my house when it’s finished! One question, why not have the door swing out? Wouldn’t it allow you to have more room inside?

    1. Yes it would give more room but it would be subjected to the winds if left open as the other is not. I will have a tour of it all filled up with stuff in the future.

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