Install the Foundation. How to install a shed foundation.

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  1. very easy set up for the foundation but how will resting the concrete blocks on the stone then the floor frame make a good foundation and prevent the shed from moving or possibly blowing over?

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    3. This will sink and bow in four places. Waste of construction material. Glue and screw every joint, don’t use nails. Non-reinforced Concrete blocks will also split and crack from weight and weather.

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  2. Initially you positioned the blocks inside the corners of the frame. So now when you dig, the frame will not rest on the blocks it will be around the blocks.

  3. Have any of you even been on a construction site have you ever heard the way Foreman’s and general contractors talk to their employees? This guy seems like a really nice guy I wouldn’t care if he called me a helper with the shovel …

  4. Nice video!
    I built a shed foundation over the weekend and attached the flooring only to find out that it is not square by 2 inches. Is life over?

  5. Getting friends to do the digging, eh?!! A friend had a driveway to build and a list of helpers organised. The concrete truck arrived on time and poured a heap of concrete, Problem was the helpers had not arrived! He had to hire a pneumatic hammer to remove the mound of concrete a few days later.

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