Cutting vinyl siding is quite easy to do with a thin cut-off blade . Take your time and use caution as with every power tool.

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  1. Love my disc cutter! Shed looks good Steve! looking good Steve. Brush Cutter, isn’t that your big video? Looking good Steve on the Shed! Nice build! Right it off Steve!

  2. It was like slicing bread! I’ll tell you, that is the neatest build and well organized! I think you did a excellent job Steve! Nice work!

  3. Hello Steve

    Im a Plumber here in the UK

    I have been using my grinder to cut that stuff for years quick and easy.

    Shed looks great a good solid job

  4. So you don’t want us professionals watching ya?
    Oh and aye how long have ya been using that big bottle of Go Jo?
    Speaking as a professional ya did a really nice job.

  5. I like the details Steve. Even some lights on the corner for esthetics (and light). The shed build was like watching a pro at work. Very nicely completed.

    1. Thanks Wyatt , what I find very interesting is the guys that do this type of construction for a living don’t ever show building stuff only car repairs. LOL

    1. Thanks Glen. I need a good pair of snips and the ones I have just butcher the vinyl. When you have time send me a IG pic of what you use.

  6. How’s she goin’? Great way to cut the vinyl!!! Nice idea and seems to work really well. That would be good for cutting in the cold too when the vinyl is more brittle as a saw blade will make it chip sure a Trudeau is a goof ball… You have a really nice shed and the cost didn’t break the bank!!! The smart panels are great for buildings. The shed is in full on use already so you got it built just in time!!! Great series Steve. Take care!!!

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