Earlier on. We had a good look at it. Now it is time to have a crack at building line. This is not going to be good shape, so I’m going to be ridiculously expensive either. Say I’m using a mix of recycled and new materials to keep those costs down. The method for construction, well, you can apply it to any backyard close all make it suit this spice. Then all you gotta do is customize your shed to suit. Your needs. Plan is to lay down a bike and I’ll go with frame standard and clatter. Cancel regulations mean I’ve got to stay 900 off the fit. Now you want to check with your counselor to see what their rules up. Then it’s just a matter of lifting the


they know you got to do is try dancing. Piping, sand. It’s great at all.

well, I’m using pavers as the base now. Beauty. That is that you can get this done in the weekend. You don’t have to wait for a concrete slab to dry rather than have to set up string lines. All I’ve done is drop the straight edge down. The sand measured off the fence and the rest just fall off.

I’m going to support the weight of the shade with Stuart, so they’re going to be sitting down in concrete footings but so that the stoops can be within the paved area. Just need to cut off the corners with a few pavers with an old Hansel there is not going to do that because these a lot like

a few holes filling the concrete. Then sticking disturbs might show their level and then what’s your and your paved area with some sand cement. That’s gonna make sure that in the next storm you’re paving sand doesn’t work wherever possible. I’m using recycled material for this job and this timber here, recycled timber yard less than a dollar maker. I do need to cut it out in the link so I can make up my timber frames. When you go, you’re on a budget. Every dollar helps

who’s screwing together? My prime’s not all secondhand material. There’s a bit of new stuff. I’ve got some treated pine for my bottom plates only. That’s only because it’s down in the ground and might be subject to a little bit of splash, whether it’s off your hose, off the rain or whatever, between the pawn, less likely to rock. Then it’s just a matter of putting together three frames for the wall.

remember to make sure you don’t stand on your pavers at this point. Your hunting will still be a little wet. Lay that till the next


it cost the front. I’ve got a couple of mini friends, easy going onto my side walls and in between eyes, those doors. See the perfect brand side. $20 eight


put on here at the front, does a few things. It acts as a door hit. It also separates the walls, tying them together and leaves the height at the front. So the one I put my roof shading on, I actually get fall towards the back. Well, I do believe it is time to wrap this shit up. I’ve got some new material fc shake for the sidewalls. CFC stands for fiber cement. Now I’ve got for the back wall, some car guided on that’ll give these sheds some real Ozzie character and for the roof recycled recycling

slide your roof shading over the top and then screw it down through the rigids cause the valleys is where the water goes.

Now you might have noticed, I haven’t actually screwed the stoop to the frame yet. That is because I’ve got a nice thin sheet that can tuck innately. It’s a lot better finish than having gone over the top creating lumps in the shade or having to cut around them all together. Where is that? The back I’ve got car guided on and that’s just going to go over the top of those stairs nicely. I to hang the doors because of my insure that they start on either side of the doors are plumb. It means a don’t let the door jam. I can just screw these hinges straight into the stack. Now what I’ve done mock up for a piece of breeding to go along the top here that gives this door something to close the guys farming, weather seal, final salt, the add sod, then it’s Dong vicinity shelves on the inside.

Shelving system is pretty simple.

Well, it’s easy shit. After all, I’ve just got some thoughts apply and attaching them to start all level with one another and seeing some plates on top

and there you have one gripe, little Audi Shit.


the Vice Dan. The rest of these shed cost only $265 and I doubt it. In fact, I have a daughter. I would love to see what you guys come up with at home. Send some pictures in Reuben, a video, and you might just see your shit on the shot.

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