Build an 8×12 garden shed in 10 easy steps using the plans avaliable on my website for $7.95.

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  1. If your skids need to be spliced just put a block or other support under the joint to carry the weight. Don’t worry about securing them together. Or you can buy 2×4’s and sandwich them together by offsetting the joint 3 to 4 ft.

    1. A concrete slab will be built directly on the ground. Dig down about 6 inches around the edges to make them thicker, then fill and raise the middle about 2 inches and pour your slab about 4 inches thick. This will make it about 6 inches off the ground to allow for water to run around it, and allow 4 to 5 inches of wood to earth gap with 1 inch siding overhang.

    2. @CheapShedsDotCom
      That’s ok for places like Florida. But I live in Montreal Canada, where the winter temperatures sometime reach -40 below zero Celsius. I don’t believe that the concrete slab can be built directly over the ground for this reason. quite simply,
      the ground under the concrete slab gets so frozen that the slab will eventually
      crack. This is why a layer of about 6″ of compacted gravel is necessary UNDER the concrete slab. And that’s not all. Rebarb is needed in the concrete slab as
      well. Extreme cold causes very bad things to happen….. 

  2. i love your explanations thank you. do you have anything on how to build a garage with a loft on top i have a small space to build and want to build up 🙂

    1. +mimi taylor Your best option for a loft is something with a barn stye gambrel roof. There are plenty of videos on building those on this youtube channel, and more info on my website:

  3. Love this video. I need to build a hot water room around the plumbing under my treehouse and didn’t want a concrete floor. This looks like I can maneuver what I need to around the all the pipes. Thank you so much! Treehouse Wise Woman

  4. I have a 20x50ft slab the previous homeowners had put in before I bought the house. After watching this, I may have found something to cover some of it up.

    1. This is one of my earlier videos so I think I have improved over the years. As long as you are able to get through it, that is the most important thing.

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