Shannon from shows you how to install a metal, roll-up door on your shed project.
Here is a play list with all of the videos for this shed build series included.

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  1. amazing videos – I am a mechanical engineer and very detail oriented. I didn’t really trust anyone’s shed building instructions until I found your videos. Thanks so much for spelling it out. You do such a thorough job.

  2. Great educational videos, with a delivery that most people can follow. Thank you. The finished product looks a lot more stable than the kits for sheds that can be assembled. My neighbors put up a shed from a kit, and it sits on concrete with no floor (why does it need one, they thought?) and it has morphed its shape due to being overfilled with junk. When the junk pushes out the sides, there is nothing preventing the shed from losing its shape. I would have used plywood on the roof, though.

  3. Went to Vic West website and saw that they have all kinds of different panels . What type of panel did you get ? How did you buy the panels ? I see that they have a sales office in Hamilton . Were you able to just go in and order what you wanted . Lots of questions . Yes I know . Love your videos . I will build my own shed thanks to you . Thanks so much as well .

  4. I believe that was the “ultra rib” profile for the roof. I bought through my local Home Hardware. I just order what profile,color and length I need.

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