Chris from teaches you how to build roof rafters for your shed or outbuilding. This video walks you through all the steps of building roof rafters including:
Cutting the rafter boards to length.
Cutting the birdsmouth.
Building a jig on the shed floor to make sure all the rafters are exactly the same.
Nailing on the gussets.

This is the fourth video in our shed building series. Check out our other videos to learn all of the steps in building a backyard storage shed!

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  1. Our fourth video in the How To Build A Shed Series shows you how to build rafters for your storage shed roof. In it we teach you how to measure, mark and cut the rafter birds mouth, seat and ridge cuts. You will also learn how to construct a jig on the shed floor so that every rafter you build is the same size as the others. Building a shed roof is easy if you follow the right steps. Check out this video, and the others in the how to build a shed series, to learn how to build a shed roof and all the other parts of your backyard shed!

    1. +William Disterdick Yes that is correct. The ends have gussets on the inside so that the siding will not hit it. The siding acts as the gusset for the two gable rafters.

    1. I agree on the ply, although I think OSB is strong enough for a small shed roof, especially if you have little to no slow-load. Nails are better than screws though–screws are usually more brittle and break, leading to more failures than nails, which have some natural “give” to them.

  2. All the work you go through you could just add the rafter tie and a vertical 2×4 in the center and have a simple truss, stronger and less fooling around !!!

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