shows you how to construct and erect the walls on the DIY shed project. Part 2 of the series.

Here is a link to nailer used in video:

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  1. must have an abundance of raw (wood ) materials in the U.S wouldn’t dream of using p.s.e wood for stud work its sooooo expensive in the U.K , GOOD WORK THOUGH

  2. I used 2×4 for the framing. Depending on the size of your shed probably all that would change is the rafters may need to be 2×6.You can see more information about this shed on my website.There is a link to the website in the description of this video up above.

  3. Your videos are exactly what the novice DIYer needs when planning for a project like this. Thanks for posting these videos. It will definitely be a reference for my upcoming project.

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