Shannon from shows you how to build a shed from start to finish. This episode shows you how to construct the base. See our other videos on wood framing for specific technique instruction.

Here is a link to the framing nailer used :

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    1. I’ve always tried to figure out how to build a shed for my kids. I tried several plans but always got stuck along the way. I’m glad I found this Ryan’s shed plans [ Go Here >>> *WoodBlueprints. Com* ]. It has made the work become as easy and simple as I never thought it will be. Thank you Ryan!?

  1. The video was great had a few nice points until you laid out the plywood.
    I was always taught to never go with the joists always across the joists for stability and strength, but other then that nice work.

    1. That seems to be all everyone has mentioned,LOL. You are correct ,generally installing the sheathing perpendicular to the joists is stronger . In this case ,being that this was a  shed I was more concerned with being able to place the joint right on the joist instead of having it spanning from joist to joist.

    2. Yep before I even looked at the comments I thought the same thing.  I have done a lot of framing and plywood always goes perpendicular.  I also use 3/4 ply for floors of sheds.

    3. Yes I understand that. I have watched a few vids of yours now and they all have some nice points. I also realize how much I forgot as well from not doing construction in a while.

    4. Good point, but remember, running the plywood across floor joists rather than along them, as on this shed, is only necessary if the length and width of the shed created butt-joints, as with sheetrock. With this shed floor, the application  was correct.

  2. Thanks Shannon!  I tried to give you 600 thumbs up, but stupid Google wont let me… but you deserve it.  Keep posting.  : )

    Oh, by the way… you are somewhere up north.  When posting these videos, don’t forget that some of us are down south in hurricane territory.  Our sheds have to have the floors, walls, and roofs anchored to each other, then the entire shed has to be strapped to the ground with steal anchors.  Otherwise our lovely new shed becomes a bowling ball crashing through the neighbor’s house.  : )

    1. Got my first one about a month ago lol. man the strength of the nails and the hold. it’s amazing the things you can build and how much work it saves!

    1. Robert Esposito Yeah. There are few things I like more than Ask This Old House And this is one of them. This guy makes me feel like I’m his Apprentice.

    1. Thank you Sir. Very helpful info. This is what I have been looking for. I will be putting a 10 x 10 shed on my unleveled property up in north central Michigan. Any advice will be appreciated.

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