I made this video to show yall how we build a shed. This is a really inexpensive way to do it. Please comment the video and subscribe to my page!

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    1. tons of sites plans have the dimensions totally wrong without any indication of parts lists, material lists or the tools needed. thats why i just use my plans from *mysecretblueprints. com* everything is laid out to a T

  1. Looks easy cause you’ve done it like 80 times….for the first timer, will take more than five days, since you gave no specifications, or plans.!! thanks for the waste of time!

  2. partner that is anything but cheap! unless a guy wants to toss 2-3 grand out the window. you could of built the entire thing for around 800.00 bucks. and next time extend the moisture barrier 4-6 inches outside the dimensions of the flooring, if your going to do a how to video get it rite!
    ps: learn to talk to your workers with more respect!

  3. At 2:40 in the video you told your worker to put the OSB parallel to the joists. That’s is incorrect. The strength axis should be perpendicular to the joists for maximum strength. Also I don’t get the trash talking. You learn by making mistakes. That’s how you get better.

  4. *see you installed the plywood parallel with the joists. I was trained to attach plywood perpendicular to the floor joists for a stiffer floor.>>>**tinyurl.com/y4oyrued** This applies to the roof and walls too. The grain running in opposite directions makes a stronger construction.*

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