Paul Ricalde gives step by step easy instructions on Truss Roof Rafters for your shed. These instructions are part of a complete tutorial on how to build a shed yourself. This is 1 part of a new Paulstoolbox series.
Worx Pegasus Saw Horse/Table
Worx ExactTrack Saw
Swanson Blue Book
Swanson 7" Speed Square with Blue Book
Swanson 12" Speed Square W/Blue Book
Dewalt 12" Compound Miter Saw
Rockwell Jaw Stand

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    1. Hi Mary, I’m so glad you like the video. I will have step-by-step instructions on this whole shed. I will do my best to make it easy for you. Have a good night and thank you for watching!

    2. @Paul Ricalde thank you so much! I’m renovating existing sheds damaged from Irma, putting new roof on one, and will be adding overhang to back porch. Rafters, roofs, ridge caps, properly hanging ledger board, these are my concerns, I need to get them done correctly.

  1. Paul, I definitely learn something every time I watch your videos . I know how to build this stuff but I never really knew the correct names of everything. I am one of those who just taught myself. Which caused me to DESTROY A LOT OF WOOD, ,LOL. I will keep watching, of course. And keep up the GREAT WORK AND VIDEOS !

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