So few videos back, apocalyptic bunker project. There is an underground bunker under my feet as we speak. But in the last video a shed appeared above the entrance and that’s what we’re concentrating on today. We could have bought one, it would have cost about 6,000 quit the four sheds and not as good as built sheds. So we’re going to build it today. We’re going to try and beat the 1600 pound budget and make it damn sigh better. But it’s Ryan in England, I don’t matter. Let’s get on with it.

now first thing we did is lay a coarse of bricks all the way around the outside to put the shed on so it’s not sat on the ground so it doesn’t go rotten.

the first bit of preparation we’ve screwed the chops or to the bench and then we’ve set up a little marker so we can slide all the bits of wood and cut them all the same length. Cause the first thing got gotta do is build four stud walls in effect all the way round outside. It’s just you’re say

done three to four stud walls and we’re going to put the call on a posting, get it all fixed together, kind of stiffen it up.

in the fall. I ran on the walls now and then you can see while we’ve left this little NIB on the corner [inaudible] and a layer of fabric all entered. Nice and flush. Kayla, hi to of the size. But before we do the other size, we’ve got to put the roof beam across and get them up to the can go all the way up into the apex.

there we go. We’ve got a icer roof center beam going across and we’ve kind of put these little bits of there. So what we can do there, chop the top off the fence, boast and then [inaudible] these front and rear sides. So all kinds of squares. It all operates almost rigid.

Hey, we all, we’re all pulled up now. Just got to put some roof flats on. Yeah, new day. Of course. Clearly this is not raining today. Just good. It’s not windy, it’s not anything. It’s gonna be a nice English day.

Hey all look making a lovely job with the roof. And if you look down here, look, oh down the bunker. Log Day from affair. Oh, why are you Daniella

[inaudible] [inaudible]

look, I’m a looking brilliant. I’ve been on all of them. Worse things than that. So name we’ve built with scholar whom we’ve put a nice skin over it. Now we just got to dress it up. So I’m going to cover it in February. And before going to do that, I’m going to put like a sheet polythene over just to give it a bit of extra protection yet another feature you don’t get on a boat. Shit. So let’s get cracking. Oh yes.

it’s looking good at it. I saw a little bit of insulation cause obviously Sam proofing and stuff cause there’s an underground bunker. Andre, a lot of noise. He’s made no less thing today. It’s a dual

we’ve got a door now. It’s when it’s finishing the door. Also travel forward in time. Six months, cause it’s not November anymore, it’s June. We had a pretty wet winter and then after that I had two massive firework experiments to plan like a hover bike flame from guitar and all sorts of other crazy experiments. But back to the shed. All that’s left to do is the roof. Now we’re in the budget. The original shed, if on port it would have been at 1600 quid so far, spent about 1200 pounds. So I’ve got a 400 pound gap now I could put a felt roof on like me. Normal shed probably cost about 150 200 quid bomb thing kit, but a lovely job with this. We’ve got a bit of money to spare. Let’s go posh and I’ll put a slate roof on. Now this is going to cost more than the 400 quit gap. It’s probably going to cost about five five 50 but it’s going to look pretty swish, so that is the next job. I’m going to put slate roof on my shed. Ooh, Ooh Woo. It would have been OLED across the front, up the sides, the front stuff mainly just so it kind of looks a bit better than the side stuff. Gives it like a little bit of waterproofing. So run a creek down the side of that Facia board and then we just get getting slates. Lovely. It’s good. Look very nice.

hey we aren’t, they be so mad, but the weapons don’t really change pace. Now Ryan


finished. Yes. Now if you’d have bought it from the shop, it would have cost you 1600 quit. But if I had to put the fund’s pants roof on it, I would’ve beat that by about 50 pounds once it’s painted everything all in and look, it’s some much better shed. Solid Wood ploy light inside and out and it’s insulated close. If you build it yourself, you can stick doors and windows wherever you like. So now this is not a shed building channel. If you wondering before what the Talker of the ground bunker was, you click on this playlist up here. You can see what that’s all about and any few, and I won’t normally do tickle. Never two playlists kind of give you an idea as a sort of projects I know I’m going to take, but there we are. See on the next one, subscribing all at the boom.

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