Building a ManCave / Garden Shed / Workshop / Garden Office Today is video four of the Man Cave build. I'm going to do the cladding today, and I'm going to finish off the roof. So, yeah. Let's go and have a look. I'll show you the gully that I've done first, and then I'll show you the cladding that I've used. So, yeah. Alright, let's go and have a look. Thank you.

A few people were talking about this area, and the DPC. So what I've actually done, the upstand, any of the concrete, I've treated it with this slurry. And this is a water-proofing masonry, and apparently this can be used externally. So, yeah, I've done that with the drain, and that's just to try and protect that. Obviously, bottom of that is all going to be covered, going to put some felt and stuff on it. And I've also done all the gully, all that gully, all the way down there, I've done it in the slurry, as well, all the way down, right down. So, hopefully, that will keep it dry inside. Let's go and have a look at the cladding now.

Just ask you a favour, if I can. If you do like my videos, please click on the 'like' button, and if you don't like them, if you could just put some comments below, or even if you do like them, if you can put some comments below, and yeah, just ask me any questions, or just let me know what you feel that I could do better. So, yeah. So, I'll show you this cladding now.

So this is the cladding that I've bought. So, obviously, I'm trying to do this on a budget, really. So I've chosen sort of like the best that I can get for coverage for the money. But it also matches my fencing, so I don't think it will look too bad. And if I don't like it later on, it may be that I could put some hardwood or something on there. But I would have rather had hardwood on, if I'm honest, but it's just cost, so … So, yeah, we'll go fit some of this on now.

I'm just going to put some of these upright so [inaudible 00:02:38] on. Yeah?

As you can see, the nail gun makes it very, very easy.

I know that I'm going to get told off for no PPE, so anybody who is watching, always make sure you use and have your PPE. We are all our own health and safety officers. So, yeah. That's the public safety warning. Alright, let's go on with this.

I've put quite a lot of batons on this, probably more than you need, really. But my thinking around that is less chance of the lats that I put on warping. So, yeah, so let's start putting the cladding on now. I'm just going to level the first one up, and then we'll start cladding this.

So I'm just putting the screws in the first piece, and then levelling it up. And then I'll just use the nail gun then, for the rest of it.

I've got the first couple of panels on there now. I'm not really sure I like the look of that, if I'm honest. But we'll see. Let's put some more on.

It's coming on a bit now. Somebody commented, and said it looks like a shed that a plumber has built. Hmm. I think I'd have to agree. I'm not right impressed with the cladding. I might have to put something else over the top of that later. We'll see, see how it looks.

So I've finished this side now, and then we've got the trim on at the top. I don't actually think it looks as bad as I thought. I've done that end, as well, right to the end. It's got a little step there. Obviously, the shed doesn't go as far as that, but yeah, I don't think it looks too bad. I can paint that with whatever I want, really. So, yeah. So we'll go do the other side now, and then I'll do the roof section on the other side, as well.

I'm just doing this side now. And I was asked about where the water is going to go. The water is going to go down here, so all the water from the roof is going to go here. So I've just got to do this corner.

I'm just going to glue this down now. I'm going to use this adhesive again for this section here across, and then I'll use the other adhesive for that full end, and then all the way round here, once I've panelled that side, which, that might be quite a while.

Just one thing to point out with this roof, when I built this roof, I made it fall both ways, so this, the very point of that there is the highest point of the roof, and then it all falls in this direction, and it falls to this corner. And then when I built this roof over here, I've done it the same, so that it all falls to this corner. So, hopefully, we won't get any patches of water on the roof.

So on the outlet here, I've put this piece down first. I've put the primer on, so I've cleaned it up with primer, and then I've put this piece on. And I've cut it up, put it, and it goes all the way under in there. And then I've put this piece then, I've cut this piece, and put this over the top, just to protect them corners. And now I'm just going to go round all the edges with a bit of sealant, which is what they sent me in the kit. So, should be alright, that.

In the kit, you also get this drip piece, as well. So it will dri

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  1. I think the cladding is one of those things where you need to live with it for a bit before you can decide if you like it or not (personally I like it!). Also love the video series! Maybe a bit late now but Madden’s in stanningly is really decent for wood (much better than Wickes)

  2. Proper job, I especially loved the personal H&S bit speech, I’m exactly the same. Why dont you buy one of those – none air – battery spray guns and spray all the cladding in whatever wood preservative that’s relevant. You can also do a review of the gun.

  3. I’m enjoying the video’s, thanks for taking the time to record them for us. I like the look of natural wood so the cladding looks great to me, but if your concerned about it looking too much like a shed, I always find a bit of exterior paint on them can completely transform the look. A nice light greyish colour would contrast nicely with the rooftop.

  4. You ask me for thinks you could do better.
    Ok let me give you 10 tips

    Eh . . . Can’t think of any to be honest.

  5. I’m looking forward to the next episode of this more than I was the last GoT….! Excellent viewing….. can’t wait to see the drum kit, dart board, bar, 90 inch TV, pole dancing podium and wine rack go in….!

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