How to build a garden shed is coming along nicely and the prefabing the roof sections is much easier if your working alone. The roof is not going to have a slant of 1-1/2 for runoff towards the back.

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  1. Looking good Steve. Good idea on doing the roof in sections. I made the mistake of building the entire roof and shingling it before attempting to put it on top of the shed. I ended up having to use beer bribe the big university student next door to give me a hand.

  2. And that’s it! I love that sentence (10days of hard work later…)= AND THAT’S IT! lol… no… it ismuch much more ;)) Best, Sunshine

  3. you are doing a great job. that’s the way to do it smaller pieces make it easier and less chance of a injuring your self. Happy Father’s Day

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