The garden shed series from the start below .

This is the stud straightener I built and it works great – take a look

How to build a garden shed part seven . I show how I frame more walls and install cross supports .

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  1. Good morning Sir, nice air hammer tools and nice and sturdy frame that you done on that garden shed !!! Keep up the good work ! Cheers !

  2. Good Morning Steve! Steve you could actually teach building! Next wall I build I’m going to do exacltly like you showed Never though about drawing where the studs go! This is going to be a nice building! I THINK( its a perfect Wall!) Great job Steve!

  3. How’s she goin’? Great looking wall and when working by yourself, taking the time to brace, clamp and strap is well worth it!!! It’ll be a sweet shed!!! Take care!!

  4. For stud count, all you have to do it get the length of a wall, times that by .75 to get how many studs you need and add two. unless youre doing california corners for drywall and insulation then you add 4

  5. Part 7 dang I missed a few. Cool idea of using the straps. LOL I have like 7 chalk lines because I can never find one when I need it.

  6. Nice Steve! Back in the day, the carpenter would stab a diagonal board on the ends but that takes a lot of time cutting the studs for a flush fit. I like your way better.

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