Link above is for the shed build series from the start.

How to build the jig mentioned in the video to tension the studs.

How to build you own stud straightener.

This is part six of how to build a wooden garden shed using my bostitch framing nailer. Framing the walls is something I plan out the best I can with the skills I have .

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    1. Thanks Annie – a fresh cut field or fresh cut lumber is about the best smells there are next to a possum stew with turnip greens eh πŸ™‚ Love to be your hired man LOL

  1. I label those end studs with the backer β€œL’s” so you can write L up or down depending on where you need that backing board. You can also make the β€œL,’s” all at once and lay them in while your framing.
    I like laying out the studs back 3/4” , put a line and then an X and so on.

    1. Steve I have miltiple jigs for different widths . Im always working by myself too and this helps a lot. If your paying someone to hold a board this is definitely a money saver. Cheers

  2. That’s a good idea actually. Mark everything while it’s at a comfortable work height and down the road having those pre -marked will keep things moving right along.

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