This is part 8 of the how to build a wooden garden shed. The walls are up and next is the roof. This is an easy DIY project you to can do with some time and tools and effort as it goes together like a jigsaw puzzle. This project will be a great benefit for my storage needs. Cheers

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    1. At my camp I get 5 feet of snow a year at a minimum and all the flat roofs have done well over the years if built for it. I will let all know if there’s a problem but in the city here were lucky to see a foot a year.

  1. I like the details!ย  Still haven’t found any Wells IPAs down here, but I’ve been trying different IPAs if you can believe that ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks Jay , IPAs are awesome , their is an IPA from PA thats my favorite. Only sold in PA . Wells is second on my list as we do get a lot of English goods in Canada.

    1. @STEVE ROB REVIEWS Yes I have a 180 15 amp system I put in my shed. Works out great plenty of juice for my projects even have lighting installed.

  2. I’m just curious Steve, I know in my area your only aloud a shed under 100 square feet without permit and spec/code. What about in your neck of the woods?

  3. She’s lookin pretty good Steve! free room and board and beer at the Booger Farm if you ever get bored ๐Ÿ˜›

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