So, you guessed it! We’re onto another project at the Wooten home.

If you don’t know a ton about our family, one big part of our story is that we are currently living in a manufactured home, aka a double wide! I talk all about that in one of my blog posts:

One of the things that living here has done for us is that it’s grown a love for living as self-sustainable as possible. We have plans now that we have NEVER had before and never thought we would have! It would be an absolute dream to full-time homestead eventually, but for now, we are doing little homesteading adventures with the babies here and there, and so building a chicken coop is next on the list.

So why the heck do we want chickens?

– We eat SO many eggs, and so it is definitely going to save us money!

– We love that we can control what the chickens are eating. We can’t wait to have true free-range, pasture raised organic chickens!

– We want collecting eggs to be a chore for our kids, and we want them to be part of the process of taking care of the chickens.

Okay, so the coop…

We have this little run-down garden shed that is a literal waste of space in our yard! It’s practically falling down. So we’ve decided to save money on materials and restore it to a chicken coop!

Day 1, Zach and his dad were able to get so much more accomplished than we planned on, which is always a great thing! They cleaned out the shed, stripped the siding and the roof, and got it down to just the frame.

Up next on the list: get it moved to the new location, install flooring, and begin framing!

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