Garden Office build, 2018/19 UK

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  1. Hello. That looks very similar to a design I was hopeful of building myself. Can I ask how much it cost please? Great job, especially the finish. Thanks for posting.

    1. Yeah, I lost track of the finances but it was creeping up to 10K, main costs was the timber frame and boards (osb/ply) £2k, doors and window (new) £1.5k, Rubber roof £500, siberian larch cladding £700, insulation £600, plaster board £600, then other bits and pieces. It soon adds up. I was looking at the designed ones where they come and build for you, but for around the same price, perhaps a bit more, the quality didnt seem great. At least I could design as I went along, although i wrote out a plan on paper, it did change as i went along.

    2. @cauley81 Thanks for the reply. 10k seems to be the consensus for the design and dimensions similar to your own I’ve seen elsewhere. I’m going to speak to a local specialised company on Monday but I think it’s only to confirm my belief that it’s far more value to self build. Thanks again. I appreciate it. Al

    1. I’ve never done any building work ever before. All I did was watch loads of you tube videos, picking up tips and ideas then putting them into my build. The only thing I didn’t do was the electrics and the plastering, as better to get the pros in for that. But everything else I leant from online videos, which is why I documented my build to try and give ideas and understanding of how things work. I highly recommend videos by Ali Dymock. His videos are very informative and show close attention to detail. That’s definitely a starting point.

    1. Maciej Wilusz Yes, there is a sheet under the concrete base, then also some dpm under the wall sections between that and the concrete base.

    1. Overall L 6.2m x W 2.85m . Height is bang on the 2.5m planning restriction. Inside, office is just under 4m in length by 2.5 m in width, shed 1.9 x 2.5. I didnt realise theres a planning restriction on internal floor space, I knew about the height. Any bigger, and I would need to apply for planning. I only realised after i had the frame up and found it online when looking for something else. Once the walls were up and insulation fitted, i was within guidelines anyway. But I did have a slight panic on at the time!

  2. Awesome job mate, I’m also watching Ali Dymocks videos as they are really great to follow. Got my drains in, foundation blocks & started timber frame this week .. swallowing cash up !

  3. Hi. Super job there.
    Can I just check how thick was the insulation as part of the warm roof? And overall dimension of just the roof including OSB etc.

    And indeed it was a warm room?

    Thank you!

    1. I used 75mm insulation on the roof. 18mm plywood on the rafters, then the insulation, then 12mm osb3 on top, followed by the rubber membrane. I’ve also put 50mm insulation on the underside, in between the rafters.

  4. I highly recommend building yourself if you have time like this chap did, i got pro’s in 7k later and 2 years on it leaks badly in all corners, cant see it lasting more than a couple of years.

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