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This flat Roof DIY Shed is Awesome, I will show you everything you need to know to build your own Shed from A to Z.

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This DIY Shed is 8' x 10' with a flat sloped over hang roof that is easy to build. I built it myself in just 4 days using very basic tools and designed this Shed style so that everyone can afford to build it and have the tools necessary to build it.

We built our Shed on a concrete pad but you could build your Shed on gravel or a deck structure as well. The secret is to make sure your shed has proper drainage so the structure is not moving around too much and make sure to follow your local building codes for temporary structures when building any shed!

Having a second door for the lawnmower helps keep everything clean and makes a great garden shed. If you are looking for a man cave or a she shed then this style will work for you. modifications can be made to the overall size simply by using 2×6 lumber on the flat roof so you can increase the snow load and width of the building.
If you are looking for a Do It Yourself project or something fun to do with the family You will not be disappointed in the ease at which this shed is built.

I share all my tricks for building a shed by yourself and cover all the tools and methods that are available to construct your own Shed.

Visit our Amazon Store to find tools and products that Jeff Uses

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  1. Am I the only one that waits for him to say “Remember, If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.” at the end of each video?

    1. I miss Red! “I’m a man — but I changed — because I had to. Oh. well.”Quando Omin Flunkus MOritati? Just sayn’ LMAO

    2. @FacePuncher being handy os attractive to all women of any age. Build your daughtwr a doll house, she will think you graduated from Santa’s workship, except in highschool, but after highschool if you can build her something you have won her heart. I took woodshop in highscool, my teacher was in no way a looker, but being able to make a table that doubles as a puzzle box is hot. (I was a mystery nerd in highschool) today i ask my bf to saw for me (partially because i dont own an electric saw and partial because he looks good doing it, win win)

    3. @FacePuncher When I started actually growing up and taking responsibility for my life. Late 20’s. Married a man who can look at anything and build it. 🙂

    1. @Victor Terence Just watched it. Time well spent. Convinced me I don’t need a pad and easier to have one of those “Amish” sheds delivered built. LOL

    2. Ok, yes I did watch the entire video, it wasn’t really the shed?
      This guy puts together some really well done videos on pretty much anything he”s doing
      Great host,
      I can’t handle a five minute video many times /
      If the necessary info isn’t covered properly. Great video!

    1. IS there any chance your father did teach you and you just didn’t listen? I have an 18yr old who would say the same thing you did but he just doesn’t listen when Im teaching him.

  2. hmmm.. i’m not convinced the taco folding helped.. it appears to have altered the intended adhesive distribution and perhaps caused ‘thinner’ adhesive spots. The final tear-off scenes seems to be indicating some portions let go easier than others..
    I’m wondering if a wax-paper type of tear-off deployment wouldn’t work and perhaps lessen the adhesive’s exposure time to open water and better maintain your application thickness.

  3. I’m buying my first house in a couple of weeks (it’s under contract now and its closing date is on August 16th). I’m going through this channel and is very inspirational.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, you’re awesome!!!

  4. Hi Jeff, just some clarity please, reading the Ontario Code, I am allowed to build a 10×10 or less in variance (8×10, 7×9 etc).. however it’s not clear if the code allows a 2f overage (example) for base or roof like in this video.. does the square footage of the actual roof dictate permit size… or is the the contents of the building of 101sq what the code covers.. if I build my shed (from this AWESOME video) I do plan to build same size and like the overhang.. roof 12×10 and building is 10×7.. and thank you for an amazing channel..

  5. Hi, Jeff. What membrane did you use? Looks like 36.” HD has soooo many types to choose from, but the one that seems closest to yours is only 100 sqft total. I just got the budget approval front the wife and am pricing the shed out to be sure. Thank you so much! I’ve already learned to paint and drywall from you, to renovate our first home, purchased in January. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again!

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