I install the deck using 18mm thick structural OSB 2440 x 1220mm (8 x 4ft). Cost about £22.00 each.

I screw these into place using 65mm double countersunk deck screws which do NOT require pilot holes:


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  1. Disappointed no one did a tap dance on the floor once it was together, ha, ha. ( maybe you did off camera ). Good choice on the OSB, it is used a lot as hoardings around building sites, so it must be durable; I used it on my roof and it is holding up very nicely. Atb.

  2. With regards to Max height. I am u see the impression that 2.5m is the eaves height? So if you did an apex roof, it can go over 2.5 at max height, but not more than 4?

    1. Yes, if the outbuilding is MORE than 2 meters from a boundary. No if the outbuilding is LESS than 2 metres from a boundary fence as in this case. ATB, Des

  3. Hi there, that is a great job. You should know that creocote does not provide any protection against rot though. It does not contain a biocide. All it does is create an oil film on the timber so that water runs off. Fantastic work though and this series is one of the best on Youtube.

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