I construct the subframe using C24 pressure treated construction timber 150 x 50mm and the following screws:





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  1. Project is coming along well. Some things you could do in future such projects is to stand the cut timber ends in an ice cream tub or similar with the creosote in to allow them to soak up into the freshly cut ends therefor treating the new fresh wood that has been exposed after cutting them. Also I think you normally see the noggins staggered so you can get screws into both ends.

    A very good YouTube channel to follow is RR Buildings. He does very good content, his most recent video which was released yesterday shows some of the latest impact drivers being put through their paces during one of his recent builds. His channel is definitely worth a follow.

    I am looking forward to the next video to see how you progress.

    1. Thank you for your helpful comments. I’m not unduly concerned about the cut ends on the noggins to be honest. They won’t be exposed to the elements and there’ll be plenty of ventilation so the likelihood of rot will be minimal. The noggins can be fixed either way- staggered or in sequence. Staggered is probably easier. I don;t do this because I always forget and tend to miss them with screws. In – line they’re easier to fix into (imo anyway lol). I will checkout the channel you mentioned. ATB, Des

    2. @21st Century Caveman I have never actually done noggins so I was just speaking from what I have seen elsewhere, always best to do what works best for you. I hope you enjoy the channel. His build series are really good as is his other content. If you use Instagram he does a lot on there as well which I find interesting and like to see all the different tools they get and use.

    1. Hi there. I purchased the set from Screwfix @ £250.00 within past 2 yrs. At the time it appeared to be good value for money. The impact driver is not essential but it is very useful when screwing long screws and also tightening nuts on bolts. It is also safer to use as it reduces injury due to the way it works. I have no experience of the Aldi power tools so unable to comment I’m afraid. Check out reviews on the net. ATB, Des

  2. My brothers in law and I recently put up a shed for the aged P. It was very flimsy and of poor quality and I didn’t like it at all; although it was nice spending time with the boys. I bet that frame is heavier than the whole 6’x8′ shed we put together. I know which one I would liked to have made.

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