The sub adult was industrious in his bringing in sticks to the N1 nest! He would fly off and return right away with stick after stick – placing them in the crotch of the tree. Mom flew over to supervise a few times! Looks like he is building Mom a nice "She Shed" lol 🙂 I think he is getting her attention and making his presence known. Enjoy 30 minutes of amazing nest building! Thank you for watching!

Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk

Special thanks to RRP and for allowing us the opportunity to view these amazing eagles.

The website link and to view the cam can be seen here:

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    1. He is too young to have had a mate yet – he is about 4.5 years old and will be fully mature by the time the breeding season is here. Mom lays her eggs in February. Mom was with another mate – DM2 this season. DM2 has not been seen since July and we don’t know if he is just vacationing for the summer or if he left the area permanently. If the sub adult and Mom become mates then this will be his first nest and first breeding attempt but no he does not need the nest to woo her but sticks and nest building is an instinctual behavior the eagles do and it will create a relationship and bond between them when they build a nest together.

  1. SA is putting his heart and all his energy into building a new nest for Mom-this is both educational and heart-warming. Even though he has lost a few of those branches he is keeps at it. Mom’s interest is growing – his project is becoming their project. Thanks LH!

    1. He sure is QE 🙂 I think he will just keep bringing them in even if they fall out!! Mom is VERY interested in what he is doing!! No doubt about it!!

  2. This is spectacular to see a nest in the making from scratch. I’m not quite sure what’s happening here but I am totally fascinated! Ty Ladyhawk for another great video, you never disappoint

  3. Love watching this from the beginning. He better get busy to finish this home. Omg he drops one of the main foundation beams lmao the way he looks down at it lol

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