We show you all the steps to build a garden shed in under 3 minutes. This fun video is made from our complete how to build a shed series.

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    1. I found shed for free build with butt power, use eggs for glue and many moths or butterflies to lift timbers. Have hands of leaves for seating and make dozens of waterpots to ladder up high. Hahaha

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    1. I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover simple shed plans try Sovallo Shed Guide Fixer (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy got great results with it.
      Saleem Javaid

  1. Did everything you did in this video beside the door and height of my structure. I was amazed how easy it was to build my shed by myself with very,very little wood work experience thanks.

  2. *The Shed Plans are pretty straight forward and the instructions much easier to follow [Go Here=>**lovy.biz/k5ls** ]. It helps me get my exact shed on how I expected it! Highly recommended!*

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