In our journey of updating our suburban home to sell, purchasing a Derksen Portable Building shed house our eyes have been opened to all of the possibilities!! Which we just saw at Home Depot.

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Now before I go into more detail I want to say that these are affordable sheds. They are cheap sheds. So if you are looking to just get going and you need something very cheap then you could consider this because the prices seem to be a low cost shed life option.

Have you ever seen these bigger sheds, barns, garden office, Tuff Sheds at Home Depot? Have you ever wondered if a prefabricated (or pre-fab) building be made into a tiny house? Or better yet… have you ever wondered if you could take a shed and convert it into a cabin? Maybe off grid?? Maybe not off grid.

So my boys and I gave ourselves a tour of these Home Depot shed portable buildings and you might be surprised at what we thought. The build quality of the biggest Tuff Shed was not as good as I was expecting. They felt like cheap sheds.

Things you could use them for:

Garden shed, storage shed, tiny house guest cottage, kids play house, garden office, etc

But I would not suggest making this your main living space. And I would not even suggest this being your retreat bug out location cabin home. For that I would go with a Derksen.

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    1. Wish I had that know how. Precut lumber made me decide on a small shed from lowes for like 700. Insulated, sheetrock and ran electric to it. Very small 8×8 . But surprised how comfortable I can get in a small place……

  1. what?!!! I’m totally getting my husband on board and into looking at one of these being converted into a living space for our soon to be college age sons. We have a pretty big shed at the back of our property but its awful. All the major amenities would still be in our home for them while giving them personal space and not having to pay rent or dorm fees ($6k a year)after their 1st year of school. plus we could still keep an eye on them. wow thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey how did it go? I am 19 and I want to move out soon but I don’t want to rent for the same price it would cost for me to make my own home

    2. MediaWolf not everyone gets the same college experience. I went t college for a year and a half and it sucked a lot so I think that it’s a good idea that they go to ty our college if they can afford it not everyone can. And if hey don’t like it they have another choice

    3. Nice video content! Sorry for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you heard about – Mahorrla Wooden Paradise Method (google it)? It is a great exclusive product for building better sheds and woodworking without the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend finally got excellent results with it.

  2. I worked for Home Depot for several years. You’re right about the shed/houses. They are very cheap. All materials are pressed wood or chipped and glued panels. Take the shed layout, buy your supplies and build it yourself. Remember everything is done 4×8, 2×4 and at the first storm would blow or soak apart. Stay away from pre-dabs from Home Depot or Lowes.

    1. +See Canon Thank you!!! If you can please give us a Thumbs Up LIKE. Unfortunately this video is close to 50% Thumbs Down! Ha ha. I think I ticked some people off. Ha ha ha!

    2. im building a shabin now and these are 10 times better than you think, all it takes is a little know how and modification to turn it into a livable space, the price is amazing on the two story, i have a 12×30 and could have actually had the two story cheaper, well worth it if you know what your doing, which you sir have no clue.

    1. scott fox that’s not particleboard that’s OSB ( oriented strand board) particle board is made of a much finer material and looks more like really compressed sawdust. It’s known as MDF
      or medium density fiberboard which is what a lot of your Cheaper furniture in a box
      Stuff is made out of.
      OSB is much stronger material than MDF.
      All that being said Tuff shed can and does offer normal plywood as a potion on their sheds so long as you are willing to pay extra.

  3. would it be less expensive to purchase each 2×4 and each sheet of wood and everything else seperatly, and build the same size, and quality (perhaps a bit better quality ) all by yourself?

    1. Not sure about prices, live in different country, but building using SIPS would speed up construction, mean insulation etc. already done, and allow you some flexibility in design and size. Great invention. If seriously interested suggest you go to the Grand Designs channel (don’t let the name fool you) and then look for the episodes that cover building with SIPS and similar. Series covers everything from grand mansions to tiny houses, build from scratch to renovate. Narrator knows what he is talking about and runs his own company building eco friendly housing for people. There are episodes going from tiny 2 bed crofts in the far north of Scotland (really cold with seriously bad weather problems) to shed conversions in Italy, earth ships in France, and if you want something different there are also Grand Designs Australia and Grand Designs New Zealand. All cover the full range from tiny studio style apartments/houses to near palaces. Well worth viewing if serious about building, even the biggest have good advice for small builds. Can also contact those in the series if more advice needed, look on line for details.

    2. Alpha Beta probably not if you had the skill, time, tools, supplies necessary to build it on location with a utility or alternative means to power machinery to build.

    3. Those who claim it would be much cheaper to buy the materials on your own are not taking into account the economics of scale. The plant these come from buy lumber by the train car load so they get a significant break on the price of the lumber. Then for each shed, they have jigs set up for the walls and trusses so it becomes easier to for someone with little experience to build the shed very quickly in a matter of 3 or 4 hours and have it turn out well. When you add in they specialized tools they use, etc., you find that they can build it for a lot less in cost for material at a pace that would blow you away. Therefore you might save a little in material, but you will invest a lot your time, and there is value to that.

    4. yes it would be a lot cheaper just go on the home depot or lowes website after youve drawn out what you want to build and figured materials …here in ga. using lowes website as source for material prices ive dtermined that an 8×12 with 7 ft. walls will cost 1500 start to finish ….however i opted to go even cheaper im building 6×9 shed using mostly salvage material…i forgot to mention tools arent that expensive ..honestly the most expensive tool you would have to buy would be a table saw that isnt absolutely necessary…

    5. Yes it would be a lot less to buy the building meterial and do it yourself. You then can upgrade all the things that need to be done to actual met federal law building codes like the floor, Windows, Celing heights ect ect ect.
      That way you can actual live in it if you want.
      It takes a pile of money, time and, an engineers stamp to make a shed into a code meeting liveable space. That’s why it says cabin not house.

    1. “The vol way down on this guy?” WTH is that? Some sort of Pro-Wraslleing move or something? Like “The Helicopter Spin” or the “Suplex” maybe?

  4. Oh goodness yes you can live in one of these. Depending on your local climate it can be a bit harder to set them up for winter but they are amazingly good homes.

    The problem with these are local zoning laws and having land to put them on, otherwise these little beauties could do so much to help the poor and homeless.

    1. chello — Sorry about that.I worked 10 years as an officer in a prison and discovered sometime one has to yell to get a libtard scumbags attention. Lowes has a shed for $998,00 .No floor kit, no shingles, by a nail gun at Harbor freight for $100.00

  5. I build tuff sheds, don’t trust the Home Depot or Lowe’s as the definitive way the shed would be set up.
    That is just the model. They’re built onsite and are sturdier than these models. Their built as such for display purposes only so they can be easily moved around.

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