Part 1 in a short series about building a workshop shed using some salvaged and new materials.

This video covers the ground works, the salvaged wood, a SketchUp model of the workshop, building a retaining block wall, making the frame, installing the windows, and starting to assemble.

This was my biggest ever project, and I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything bigger than this (unless I build myself a house some day!)

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    1. when i built our shed i used a plan from *WoodBlueprints. Com* and it had all the blueprints, supplies, materials, and list well laid out for me.

    1. Guys I found a very good website about woodworking that is *WoodBlueprints. Com*  this website contains more then 12000 woodworking shed plans. Recommended

  1. great video thanks for posting. anyone can sit in an armchair and say how to do it different or better while you are cracking on and getting on with it.

  2. never mind the wingers,great job and good video,i,m just in the process of building something similar,needed guidance thats why i watched,got it,my mate installed a caravan as a workshop, the local council told him to take it down as it could be used as a dwelling, i said “build a shed in the shape of a caravan, that’d stuff.em” lol

  3. It’s a good looking shed.

    I think I will look for wood similar to what you used.
    However, I would put the tongue in grove boards inside. That would make a beautiful wall.
    I would go with metal outside, for better protection against the weather.

    But, great job.

  4. Great video, but irritating music.
    I’d like to watch your video with you talking.
    Fok the music, I don’t need it.

    Well done on the shed, though.

  5. nice shed mate but first, you shouldn’t drill pilot holes for nails as they will pull out in time. second, you didn’t need to bolt the walls together, yes it will add extra strength and rigidity but its over kill. and last please invest in a nail gun. I bet it took ages to put your cladding on using a pilot bit and screws. anyway, looks good just a bit overkill in places.

  6. Nice build, but overkill on the frame and a mistake on using drywall screws with pressure-treated lumber. The copper-sulfate in the pressure-treated wood will react with the untreated screws and cause them to corrode clean through. So when the ship-lap (very nice touch) starts popping loose, use double dipped galvanized or treated deck screws to re-attach.

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