Building The Timber Frame Garden Shed – Part Two

Alright!!! A full family effort to get to this point! the floorboards are milled, screwed down, and treated with a 50:50 mixture of used motor oil and diesel fuel. So now it's time to start sorting logs and prepping to mill timbers!

In this first episode you'll see how we laid the foundation and started the floor deck for an almost skid on grade structure. In part two you'll see milling the red oak floor boards with our Granberg International Alaskan Chainsaw Mill. Part three will involve sorting logs and milling our first timbers. Part five will show cutting joinery, and lastly part six will be raising the frame.


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  1. The decking went down nicely. Very cool to cut your own lumber for that. Did you need to predrill the oak flowwring or self drilling screws? I’m guesing not much spliting on the ends because it was still green.

    1. Workshop at The Gardens no predrlilling, used all grk r4 screws. Had a little bit of splitting on the inside edge if I put the screws in too close to the end

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