Building the Timber Frame Garden Shed – Part One

When we started planning this shed my family had 3/4ths of my siblings (myself included) spending a majority of their time, and storing a majority of their stuff on my parents farm. Which meant a lot of stuff and a lot of people in not a lot of space. It seemed natural to choose a timber frame, even though the origins of this shed started before Glenn and I took the build your own timber frame class at North House Folk School in Grand Marais, MN.

In this first episode you'll see how we laid the foundation and started the floor deck for an almost skid on grade structure. In part two you'll see milling the red oak floor boards with our Granberg International Alaskan Chainsaw Mill. Part three will involve sorting logs and milling our first timbers. Part five will show cutting joinery, and lastly part six will be raising the frame.

If I'm particularly lucky, and put in a ridiculous amount of hours I'll have the frame up by the end of November 2019.



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  1. nice to get the earthwork and frame in before it cools down too much… looks sturdy and will really tighten up with milled oak floor decking… fun build!

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