Day 4 of the garden shed build and its finished! Yhe last couple of bits of timber for the roof are on and the surrounding trim supports are fitted. The door has been made from the same cladding as the walls, and has been fitted using galvanised hinges with stainless steel screws.

The roofing felt is a heavy duty polyester backed material and went on really easily. the only thing left to do is add a couple of trim strips.

The new shed has been on the cards for a long time, and is to be 3.6m x 1.8m. The structure is made from timbers that have been pressure treated and we are also going to give the exterior a few coats of wood preservative.

For the base I have used 50mm x 50mm for the framework on 600mm centres. On top of the framework is 150mm x 22mm boards. The walls are also 50mm x 50mm for the framework on 600mm centres, and cladding 19mm TGV cladding.

I am hoping that we will get a lot more life out of this shed as it has been built to last.

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  1. Many happy hours spent in mine,they look big inside until you start putting models inside,did you not bother with a window ? perhaps security.

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