In this video you will see the complete build of my shed workshop. i timelapsed it to 10 minutes. I made a compilation of all workshop shed build videos that i have. and put it all together as one. I hope you like this video. please let me know..

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How To Build A Garden Shed

How To Build A Garden ShedPartner: Dutch shed woodshop –

Posted by DIY & Crafts on Monday, July 22, 2019


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    1. @Dutch shed woodshop Yeah I double that. It’ll be interesting to see the workshop kitted out and new projects materialise in it. Btw how come it doesn’t have a window?

    2. Yeah I suppose it’s bright enough in there plus you can always paint a landscape on the wall that makes it feel like u are outside lol

  1. Great looking shed. Come on over to visit me and I will gladly put you work building one for me. 🙂 Very well done , sir! BTW…our compliments to your adorable little assistant!

  2. Hey man love this project and it’s great to have it all summed up in one vid. The edit is pretty good too, hope it’ll have tons of views. Good to see u have help on hand haha.

  3. Hey buddy, nice video where we can see the whole proces. I’m going to look at that faceook page link in your description too. Seems interesting. Greetings

  4. Thanks for the video. It was lucky you had that little supervisor otherwise all sorts of things may have gone wrong. 😉
    I’ve subscribed. I hope you will subscribe to my channel also.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Not really sure. I was keeping up but lost time. but if i have to guess i would say about 70 hours from dismanteling the old one till the finished new one. Thanks for watching!

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