Building a firewood shed from home milled lumber and cedar logs.

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  1. Love the camera work putting it on the tree as it falls. I am getting up in years but you enspir me to keep doing new projects. I always loved the feeling I got of making a project from raw material. Cutting the tree down and turned into furniture. You do awesome work!! Love your videos. Thankyou !! Also I never watch a video that takes this long but I always make a exception for your videos.

  2. Nice video of the joys in having your own little spot in the world and building what ever you like on it and that is a nice wood shed you and your friend built. Oh yeah I loved watching your puppy having a good time there with you that was fun to watch. Thanks for another great video

  3. Love this video, you put in a lot of hard work for a fine woodshed . I see you carrying pretty heavy loads, be careful of your back, if you ever rupture a disc you will regret it for a long time. Good fortune for you and your family !

  4. TIMBER!!Why didn’t I hear this one very important & safety word !!!Gotta mention you are one lucky man a kool cabin in the middle of the woods off the grid(I hope)and a beautiful family,man what else could a man ask for!!Good Luck & Fortune,my man,,Where are you located?

  5. Young Man, What a awesome life you have.
    Many blessings to you and your family.
    loved the view of your cat looking out and was a pleasure to see the family watching you.
    Thank you for all you do.
    Videos like this i never will understand why folks would hit the thumbs down.

    As always , Junebug and myself living life in sunny southern Cally

  6. Nice video, great project.

    Just thought I would mention, that posts typically last longer if they are dry before you plant them. But that would hav made it a lot harder to get the video made, and yo would still be without a woodshed.

    We always cut a couple hundred posts every winter, and waited around 18 months with them stacked in TPs before we would build fence with them. It really helped make them last longer in the ground and not rot. We were using juniper. YMMV.

    Thanks for the awesome video.

  7. I still think this wood shed is the best or one of the best I have seen, BUT I would have to spray it with linseed oil, or Thomson’s for some added protection, to keep it beautiful!!

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